This is MY BLOG. If I want to Bitch about how much life sucks then I’m going to do it. If I want to complain about every god damn thing, I’m going to do it! Along with everyone else, if you want to bitch and complain then go right ahead and do it! Who the hell is going to stop you? It’s YOUR BLOG. Post whatever you want and don’t give a fuck what everyone else thinks.
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Okay let me explain :

Hergh, people tot I was heartbroken because someone ? HAHA

LOL. Act not weh, ya ya, now I always post kinda Emo-ing ?
Act, not because of someone.  

Idk why. If suddenly emo songs like my BLOG song out. My feeling suddenly changes. And sometimes my tear falling wehhh T_T

Hish, come on TINIE :')
Its time to find someone new. Ya yaa. Got guys AYAT AYAT me, im not ready yet weh. Sometimes I want and sometimes I feel likes biar dekat kau laaa.

I cry because what happened to me. Not just about LOVE. ALL ;')


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