This is MY BLOG. If I want to Bitch about how much life sucks then I’m going to do it. If I want to complain about every god damn thing, I’m going to do it! Along with everyone else, if you want to bitch and complain then go right ahead and do it! Who the hell is going to stop you? It’s YOUR BLOG. Post whatever you want and don’t give a fuck what everyone else thinks.
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13 December

0240 - Shuhhh >.< Al Ben pleaseeeeeeee. Our secret. OK ?

0417 - Webcam-ing with Ejo Sweet~

After that until I zzzz - with Syu & Hanaa

1048 - Adik message, and me just daaa, sleep sleep

1244- Amira Lee message

????- Siti, weyy Nadia dah dekat sini, and me like wow

And sleep back.

1530 - Woke up from sleep

Ym ym -.-
Derrr, just wanna to tell youre so fuckin totally changes weh. Yaa, on Friday I go back to KL, wanna meet? Booo. I think no need laa, youre totally change -.-

Macam nak taknak je kan ? HA-HA. Almost one year our relate weh. Malas cakap banyak, just ILY. Still likes siblings -.-

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