This is MY BLOG. If I want to Bitch about how much life sucks then I’m going to do it. If I want to complain about every god damn thing, I’m going to do it! Along with everyone else, if you want to bitch and complain then go right ahead and do it! Who the hell is going to stop you? It’s YOUR BLOG. Post whatever you want and don’t give a fuck what everyone else thinks.
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Its raining. Taiping always raining. Damn bored -.-

Now, im just watching Street Fighter: The legend of Chun-Li
If you can be like that. Oath fun >.<

Hohooo. Okey, today i woke up 1400 pm. Hee, and got Moose Jawa massage

Jawa : Good morning
Me : I baru bangun tidur, sakit badan
Jawa : Kesian you.

HAHA, okay fyi Tinie & Jawa selalu gaduh, tah harini sweet sweet pewit pulak -.-
And, Naqib. New guys calling (:
Yeyyyy, nak belanja topup, thanks Naqib <3

Ouh, today planning

Time : 1730- 1900
Activity : Cycling & Jogging
Place : Lake Garden

Act, nothing, my mood quite good kot?
Hah, and Im still hungraaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. No food ):

Mcd oh mcd. Tut tuttt, my money habis already T_T
And, Hell-yeahh, Astro Beyond sampai kejap lagi ^^

Weeeee ~ 
Thanks Pa.

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