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Dear readers,

I dont know why tonight Im feeling likes a LONER. But then, I have friends who's always cheers my heart. HAHA 

I dont know why people that I love getting away from me.

Him ? Of course -.-
Her ? Busy working *Konon =..=
Bf ? Nobody.

Sometimes, when I see my friends have a Boyfie, sometimes feeling jealousy 
Sometimes its just common sense LOL
HAHA, people said that Im to choosy ? Nope laa, im still KEBUDAK BUDAKAN and accidentally left the boy. Hohohoo

Aunt , mom , cousin , always ask , where your boyfriend? NO BOYFRIEND. Same with my new members including my friends. They dont believe it. Yaa, I always hiding something, but then, not all OK ?

Haishoo, ouh suddenly. Where are you ha Adik ?
I have begun to think, you find me when youve problem, and after that ? You are kind of ghost disappears?

HAHA, you know what ? Last day, youve send a message likes youre angry with your friends? And me ? The stupido dumbass
Just left RM10 ? I think so, then go topup just to entertain your anger towards your friends. 
You dont believe it ?
Ask Yana & Titan.

Huh, I can feel the ebb of our relationship, not like before. Sorry
I dont care about you already. HAHA i dont mind do -.-
And I hate your Kerek LOL
ILY btw , still ok (: HAHA, just sometimes i dont like how you treat me. Just like sampah wehhh.

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